End Polio Now: Tulips Back on Sale

vendredi 27 avril 2018

Rotary International cultivated a unique ‘End Polio Now’ tulip which has been exhibited at various international tulip festivals, including the world-renowned Morges Tulip Festival on Lake Geneva. In addition to its beauty and blooming for many years (with proper care), what makes this tulip even more beautiful is that its purchase saves children from lifelong polio paralysis.

Last year, 26,056 tulips were sold under the End Polio Now campaign. Together with a two-for-one matching grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 68,370 Swiss francs were raised for the protection of 113,950 children against polio.

Following last year’s successful campaign, the End Polio Now tulips are back on sale. Purchases of these beautiful tulips go towards Rotary’s PolioPlus programme.  Each box sold enables the immunization of over 100 children.

Please see the order form and information sheet for more details on how you can support this campaign. The photos displayed are of our club’s tulips now beautifully blooming on the grounds of the Palais des Nations.

For more details, please contact our club member Oliver Rosenbauer at rosenbauero@who.int.

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