Club Program Survey

lundi 16 juillet 2018

Jason, our Program Coordinator, would appreciate your input as he organizes the program over the year with our President.

You might recall that during the handover ceremony, Christine introduced a framework which will guide the organization of meetings starting September:

  • First week: Statutory meetings (professional presentations from club members)
  • Second week: Conferences (speakers from outside the club, preferably from potential incoming members)
  • Third week: Club members’ hobbies, passions, and projects as well as discussions and recollections
  • Fourth week: presentation of Rotarian actions (both those led by the club and those to which the club participates as well as updates of actions by other clubs)


We will also introduce a "Rotarian minute" at each meeting. In these brief (three to five minutes) presentations, club members will touch upon different aspects of Rotarian education, such as global grants, district grants, the Rotary International Convention, and online Rotary tools. 

What topics would you like to see presented?

Who would be great speakers and potential new members?

What hobbies, passions, or projects would you be interested in presenting?

When might you be available to present?

Please take a moment and share your ideas with the brief survey attached. You are welcome to fill it out and return it by email, bring it to a meeting, or give Jason a call, whichever would be more convenient.

Looking forward to hearing your input!

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