Season's greetings by Christine Chappuis - President 2018 - 2019

dimanche 23 décembre 2018

Dear Friends in Rotary,

On Thursday evening we had the pleasure of welcoming Very Rev. Dr. William McComish and Mr. Hafid Ouardiri. Speaking of their spiritual journey through their lives and the bridges they were able to build through the Spiritual Appeal of Geneva (, they delivered their message of peace. Our former Member, Ventzeslav Sabev, then presented the 2019 program for the celebration of the 20th birthday of the Spiritual Geneva Appeal ( It was the best way of entering in the celebrations to come! We owe them all our gratitude.

Many thanks to Bénédicte Garcia who organised this event. She also did a rapid survey among the many members present and found that around ten people would enjoy a meeting between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Therefore we opened another meeting and wish a joyful time to those who will meet on 27 December 2018.

And now I would like to leave you with the beautiful Praetorius hymn we listened to yesterday Or, if you prefer a more modern version, here is Sting’s: I will sing it with my family and think of you all.

With my very best Rotarian wishes,

Christine Chappuis

President 2018-2019